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SIKA Temperature Calibrator

SIKA Temperature Calibrator


Temperature measurement and calibration instruments
Our temperature measurement and calibration instruments are designed and built with long-term reliability, innovative calibration technology, and superior quality in mind. A comprehensive range of temperature products and services, with standardized electrical signals are offered. Our products are engineered and manufactured to DAkkS standards (Germany‘s equivalent to NIST).
Our temperature calibrators, simulators, controllers and indicators, transmitters and sensors help our customers to ensure the consistent long-term quality of their products, and improve the efficiency of their production processes. Our strength is our flexibility in developing customized solutions, based on our wealth of technical and application experience.


Temperature calibrator requirements
Calibration task and operation locations A temperature calibrator needs to meet a wide range of requirements: as a portable device, it has to cope with frequently changing operation locations in the test bay or in production, while being equally suitable for stationary use in the measuring workshop and testing and inspection laboratory. For this reason, the instruments must be lightweight and handy for quick and easy use on site. The weight and size are determining factors here.

Temperature range
Temperature sensors should be calibrated at the temperature point at which they are used. This means that the temperature calibrator must be able to cover the process temperatures of the temperature sensor under calibration and, in particular, generate the main test points. SIKA offers several temperature calibrators to cover the range from -55 °C to 1300 °C.

Efficiency and flexibility
The time and personnel required to perform the calibration task is a key index for gauging efficiency. The more efficiently things are done, the faster the return on investment in a temperature calibrator. Intuitive operation with clear displays that provide all the necessary information at a glance, along with the calibration volume and the associated re-cooling and cooling times, primarily determine the speed of the calibration. Another time-saver: a large-diameter test item holder that enables several temperature sensors to be calibrated simultaneously.

Reliable system accuracy
Various tests and measurement uncertainty appraisals as defined in the guidelines of the German Calibration Service (DAkkS) are performed during the production of SIKA calibrators. The measurement results are documented in comprehensive examination reports, thereby ensuring a reliable, high degree of system accuracy.

Instruments and measuring equipment become worn from constant use. It is unavoidable that equipment ages and measured values drift as a result. Regular inspection with a factory calibration standard is absolutely essential and can be performed easily with a SIKA temperature calibrator as the calibration standard.

Experienced and professional consultants visit you directly on site with demo instruments, thereby ensuring you receive top-quality customer care. Furthermore, SIKA also offers a wide array of services which can generally only be performed efficiently by the manufacturer, such as recalibration, adjustments and repairs. This increases the availability of the temperature calibrators and cuts cost.


Type series

 J series Tp basic
 J series Tp solid
 J series Tp premium
 J accessories
 J TT-scan


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